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Americana Resort Rocker – Limited Edition Weathered Grey

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The rocking chair is a universal symbol of comfort and relaxation. The effortless motion of a good rocker changes your whole attitude. Accompanied by a mug of coffee, a book, perhaps a glass of wine, or simply the serenity of your own thoughts, it’s the perfect oasis for a few minutes of quiet Me Time.

Introducing the original Americana Rocker. Our classic outdoor rocking chair not only shares many of the luxury features of our flagship World’s Finest Rocker (in a slightly smaller package), it offers these features at a terrific value.

First, it boasts solid premium Eucalyptus wood construction. We use a sustainable hardwood that is farmed in an environmentally-friendly way and prized for its teak-like properties of density and extreme durability in all weather conditions. Unlike teak, Eucalyptus can be painted, enabling us to offer our glossy white and black finishes in addition to the beauty of our natural oil finish.

A full 24 lbs of Eucalyptus wood goes into each Americana rocker. Individual components are fitted together with centuries-old Mortise and Tenon joinery techniques. This combination of premium wood and superior construction is what enables our rocking chairs to be truly weatherproof for use on the porch, patio, deck, or garden space.

But it’s the design of our rocking chair – the attention to detail in comfort, aesthetics, and excellent rocking motion – that really makes it stand out. Sink in to our double-contoured seat and you’ll immediately notice the tension release from your body. A light push-off with your foot and you can’t help but succumb to that familiar rocking motion – the same motion a mother uses to sooth her child. And that’s when you realize that you have a new favorite chair.

Frontera has been designing, manufacturing and selling rocking chairs to premium customers, designers, architects, hotels and resorts for 30 years. Our rocking chairs were developed through numerous design enhancements following feedback from thousands of customers over a quarter of a century. This chair is at the pinnacle of rocking chair design, from details like arm shape and thickness, weatherproof materials, to seat and back contour and balance point. Despite being significantly less expensive than other high quality weatherproof rocking chairs, it is one of the best rockers money can buy.

Americana Resort Rocker Features

  • Truly weather resistant rocker designed to last for years on the porch or patio
  • Classic Americana rocking chair styling
  • Solid Premium Eucalyptus hardwood
  • Ergonomically curved seat and back for ultimate comfort
  • Perfect balance points for easy, satisfying rocking motion
  • Tongue and Groove construction for maximum stability and longevity
  • Substantial leg braces
  • Limited edition brushed weathered grey finish
  • Also available in natural oil, white painted gloss, and black gloss finishes
  • 26″W x 34.5″D x 45″H x 17″SH x 26″AH, 24lbs
  • Ships Partially Assembled
Americana Resort Rocker – Limited Edition Weathered Grey
Americana Resort Rocker – Limited Edition Weathered Grey
379.00 429.00
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