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Lumary Smart Bird Feeder Camera

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Lumary Smart Bird Feeder Camera is an innovative device that brings nature right up to your fingertips. It functions both as a bird feeder and an observation tool, designed to bring an exceptional bird-watching experience straight from your own backyard to your phone, wherever you may be.


With an innovative design, this smart bird feeder camera lets you observe birds anytime, anywhere. It features a high-definition camera that captures any bird activity in real-time and sends you instant notifications. This smart device creates a more interactive bird-watching experience, pulling you closer to the wild birds right from the comfort of your home.

Equipped with an AI technology, Lumary Smart Bird Feeder Camera automatically identifies and categorizes over 10,000 different bird species with remarkable accuracy. This feature allows you to learn more about the different species that visit your garden, even when you’re not physically present near the feeder.

Another outstanding feature of this smart bird feeder camera is that it’s solar-powered, harnessing solar energy to power its functionalities. It comes with a solar panel mounted on the roof. This function eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements, giving you an eco-friendly option that’s low-maintenance. The feeder can easily be mounted and positioned in desired locations, offering flexibility and convenience.

Enhanced wireless connectivity is yet another advantage of the Lumary Smart Bird Feeder Camera. With the integration of a 5dBi antenna, the connection to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router is significantly improved, ensuring a stronger and more stable connection. It supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

Finally, the bird feeder camera provides true 1080P color night vision. With its low-light capabilities, you can continue your bird watching even in dark conditions. Enjoy clear images and videos in color even at night, adding a whole new dimension to your bird-watching experience.


Feature Detail
Connectivity Supports Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Powered By Solar Power
Vision 1080P Color Night Vision
AI Technology Identifies and categorizes over 10,000 bird species
Real-time Notifications Yes
Wi-Fi Router Compatibility 2.4 GHz routers
Antenna 5dBi antenna for improved wireless connectivity

Unleash a whole new level of bird-watching. Get closer to nature with Lumary Smart Bird Feeder Camera, an eco-friendly, smart, and efficient way to observe and connect with the wild birds in your backyard.

Lumary Smart Bird Feeder Camera
Lumary Smart Bird Feeder Camera
159.99 199.99

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