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Ninja NC501 CREAMi Deluxe 11-in-1 Ice Cream & Frozen Treat Maker


Indulge in a world of frozen delights with the Ninja NC501 CREAMi Deluxe, an innovative 11-in-1 Ice Cream and Frozen Treat Maker designed to elevate your dessert experience. Transform your kitchen into an artisanal ice cream parlor and craft a variety of frozen treats with ease and creativity.

Key Features:

1. Versatility:

  • Create a diverse range of frozen treats, including ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and more.
  • An 11-in-1 functionality offers versatility for a wide array of flavors and textures.

2. Intelligent Programs:

  • Features smart programs tailored for different frozen treats, ensuring optimal consistency and flavor every time.
  • Effortlessly make ice cream, milkshakes, and frozen beverages at the touch of a button.

3. Double-Walled Freezing Container:

  • The double-walled freezing container ensures efficient and even freezing, resulting in consistently smooth and creamy treats.
  • Generous capacity allows you to prepare ample servings for family and friends.

4. Easy-to-Use Controls:

  • The intuitive control panel makes operation a breeze, even for beginners.
  • Experiment with various settings to achieve your desired texture and taste.

5. Built-In Refrigeration System:

  • Enjoy the convenience of a built-in refrigeration system that eliminates the need for pre-freezing ingredients.
  • Reduces wait time, allowing you to savor your frozen creations sooner.

6. Customizable Add-Ins:

  • Add your favorite mix-ins and flavors during the churning process for a personalized touch.
  • Create custom combinations that cater to your unique taste preferences.

7. Easy to Clean:

  • Removable components make cleanup a breeze.
  • Dishwasher-safe parts simplify the maintenance process.

8. Sleek Design:

  • The Ninja NC501 CREAMi Deluxe boasts a modern and sleek design that complements any kitchen aesthetic.
  • Compact footprint for easy storage when not in use.


Feature Details
Model Ninja NC501 CREAMi Deluxe
Dimensions 14.17 x 13.78 x 13.23 inches
Weight 23.6 pounds
Capacity 1.5 quarts (1.42 liters)
Material BPA-free plastic, Stainless Steel
Power 600 watts
Programs 11-in-1 (Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, and more)
Freezing Time Varies by recipe and selected program
Controls Digital control panel with LED display
Warranty 1 year limited warranty

Elevate Your Dessert Experience:

The Ninja NC501 CREAMi Deluxe 11-in-1 Ice Cream & Frozen Treat Maker revolutionizes the way you enjoy frozen desserts. From classic vanilla ice cream to inventive gelato creations, this appliance empowers you to become a frozen treat maestro. Craft delightful desserts for family gatherings, celebrations, or simply to satisfy your sweet cravings. Purchase the Ninja NC501 CREAMi Deluxe on Amazon and embark on a journey of frozen delight today!

Ninja NC501 CREAMi Deluxe 11-in-1 Ice Cream & Frozen Treat Maker
Ninja NC501 CREAMi Deluxe 11-in-1 Ice Cream & Frozen Treat Maker


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